Observing wild animals Walking tours

An adventure in the Rhodopes

If you haven’t experienced anything novel lately and the spring weariness torments you – this is an opportunity for a real adventure:
Meet face to face the biggest mammal of Bulgaria – the brown bear!
Except for the brown bear, you can also encounter other animals of the Rhodopes.

walking tours for oserving wild animals

The tour is comprised of a short transfer with a 4x4 jeep and a walk of 3-4 hours along well-shaped mountainous paths with possibilities for watching wolves, wild goats, deers; and the birds – imperial eagle, wild rooster, hazel-hen, spotted nutcracker, white-backed woodpecker, etc.

Price 90 BGN for a group of 4 people.

half-day tours for children and elderly to the cave of the bear

It is situated 30km away from the town of Devin and traveling to the starting point is done by an off-road car. The cave is reached after climbing a steep and narrow path for about 20 minutes.

The cave is 105 meters long and the remains of the inhibitors of the cave from 12 thousand years ago are still visible. Nowadays, the cave is visited by the brown bear only on cold winter days.

During the tour you will learn some interesting facts about the brown bear`s life and dwellings.

Price 90 BGN for a group of four people. The price includes a picnic.

professional observation and photo-hunting of brown bears

Treat yourselves to an unforgettable adventure; watch closely the biggest mammal on the territory of Bulgaria. We offer evening tours for professional observation and photo-hunting of the brown bear.

If you are lucky, in the darkness of the hushed forest you will see the emerging silhouette of the bear going out for feeding. Observation is performed from specially built and safe hiding places partially dug in the ground. A short transfer by jeep and a walk to the hiding place.

Price 100 BGN for a group of 4 people

/includes using the hiding place, a guide and transportation/

Please, pay attention that there is no 100% guarantee the brown bear will appear during your stay in the hiding place. The offered tours are for observing wild animals, not for tamed bears.

Observing wild animals

For bookings and further information:
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