Yagodinska Cave and The Devil’s Throat a true tourist attraction

The Devil’s Throat

is situated in the furthest southern part of the central Rhodopes and is one of the phenomena of the Trigrad Gorge. Along a dug tunnel /150 m/ you can reach an amazing hall from which you reach the natural entrance of the cave by climbing on a rope ladder.

You can see numerous underground waterfalls in the Devil’s Throat cave, including the second biggest in the world /42m/. The legend says that right here Orpheus descended in the underworld of Hades. The Devil’s Throat is famous for its inhabitants – the biggest colony of long-winged bats that stay in the Balkans during the winter.

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Yagodinska Cave

is situated 3 km south-west from the village of Yagodina. Its entrance is made artificially. This is one of the longest and most interesting caves in Bulgaria and the most beautiful in the Rhodopes.

There are five levels in Yagodinska Cave with a total length of 10 kilometers. It has become a real tourist attraction – with a 1100-meter path, electricity and a man-made tunnel 30 meters below the natural entrance of the cave.

You will have the opportunity to see marvelous stalactites, stalagmites, stalactones in Yagodina Cave halls, and also draperitis, cinter lakes, helictites, leopard skins / differently colored rock layers /, as well as the traditional “wall of the sin” where coins are stuck.

There have been found traces of life during the neolith period /4,000 B.C. / and even from the latest bronze era in the cave.

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