Medical center with care for your health!

Consultative – diagnosis center

Ismena Complex has a modernly equipped consultative – diagnosis center and highly-qualified team of specialists who have all of the international and specialized diplomas and certificates to work with high-technological equipment in the center.

Medical center

Tariff of the consultative – diagnosis center Ismena:

  • general and specialized medical examination - 25 BGN
  • ECG - 5 BGN
  • Holter ECG/24 hours monitoring of the heart activity/ - 40 BGN
  • Ultrasound of the abdominal organs - 25 BGN
  • Ultrasound ECG - 50 BGN
  • Studying the arteries from the heart to the limbs for early discovery of atherosclerosis - 40 BGN

Medical center equipment:

  • A high-class multifunctional ultrasound Fukuda – Japan

It diagnoses by using ultrasound without harmful radiation:

  • Cardiovascular system – such as changes in the valves and heart muscles, pump function of the heart, changes in the heart structures are estimated to cause high blood pressure. It could find congenital malformations of children or adults.
  • Abdominal organs /liver, kidneys, gall, pancreas, spleen, stomach, etc./ and the presence of eventual formations in these organs /cysts, tumors, concretions, taenia/, changes in their structure,/for example, fatty liver or hindrance of urine in kidneys/, inflammation and other processes, mechanical injuries from traumas, circulation of blood is considered, etc.

An evaluation of atherosclerotic changes of the blood vessels with Japanese instrument Fukuda Denshi VaSera.

  • Unique Japanese technology for non-invasive inspection of the condition of the vessels
  • Measurement is made for less than 5 minutes by putting cuffs on the four limbs, a sensor for heart tones and ECG.

The evaluation is performed by receiving of two indices:

  • CAVI that shows the rate of the changes/hardening/ of the large blood vessels that leads to a risk of cardio incidents.
  • ABI that shows the presence of narrowing or other problems in the large blood vessels.
  • The received indices do not depend on the patient’s blood pressure, which makes the method extremely exact and reliable.
  • According to the received data, the instrument evaluates “the age” of your arteries.

With the help of this instrument, the patient’s ECG is supervised for a prolonged period, 24 hours, for instance. The purpose is to check the heart`s activity in a normal rhythm of life, as some variations appear from time to time. The system records and analyses every heart beat and classifies the rhythm disturbances and the changes in other parameters that appear in a convenient form for the doctor to read it.

The instrument is light and suitable to carry/under 100grams/ and it doesn’t disturb the patient and does not prevent him/her from daily activities. This is the only waterproof instrument in the world for 24-hour recording of ECG, which means that the patient can have a swim or a bath.

The 12-15 channel ECG-machine Fukuda records and analyses the patient`s ECG for a period of 10 seconds. With this instrument, changes in the heart`s activity can be found – rhythm disturbances, conductive ones, changes due to experienced incidents/heart attack/, etc.

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