Horse riding Horse-riding Base Devin

Horse-riding Base Devin

2 km. south of the town of Devin (184 km from Sofia), in the beautiful Rhodope Mountains, the wonderful area "Ravnja", in 2004 opened the new Devin horse base. Currently, the base has 10 riding horses, well trained for mountain horse riding.

They are suitable for both experienced and novice riders. We have two qualified instructors on mountain horse tourism.

Mountain horse riding

1. Training with an instructor

Price: 30 BGN per hour

1. Riding around Devin surroundings

Price: 25 BGN per hour

- Free transport to the riding base

1. To Kastrakliy Reserve or a route chosen by the clients

Price: 80 BGN per hour

In a village in the Rhodopes

A three-day march
Route: Devin – Borino – Yagodina – Teshel

Price: 460 BGN per person

/includes two nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner, riding three days and a guide/

A six-day march
Route: Devin – Borino – Yagodina – Buynovo – Trigrad – Gella – Devin

Price: 890 BGN per person

/includes two nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner, riding three days and a guide/

Ecopath "Ravnja"

The trail starts from the southern part of Devin (Tehran Street) and climbs along a black forest road to the picturesque area of ​​"Ravnja". Here, among the beautiful meadows, there is the "St. Ilia" chapel, an adventure park - a rope garden, and a horse base.

From here you can discover beautiful panoramic views of Mount Grebenets, Devin and the surroundings. From the "Ravnja" area on a dirt road you can go down to the western end of the town - on the asphalt road to the Devin water factory.

The total length of the trail is 5.3km, displacement - 250m. There are no signs and markings on the path.

Horse riding

For bookings and further information:
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